Brand DNA

This is what our brand is about

Brand DNA

Welcome to the world of Mnacak - a brand of exceptional and unconventional chokers, where each piece of jewelry craftsmanship is created with love and a desire to highlight your individuality. We offer collections that capture the attention of those who aren't afraid to stand out from the crowd and seek to express their uniqueness.

Mnacak aspires to transform accessories into genuine works of art that not only adorn your appearance but also inspire with their history. As Coco Chanel once said, "You don't get a second chance to make a first impression." Allow Mnacak to be what creates that first impression of you: "There's the girl with the choker!" May Mnacak always remain the reason that helps you become unforgettable.

Don't be afraid to step beyond the ordinary and seek your unique paths. With Mnacak, you can express yourself like nowhere else and become part of a community of bold and stylish individuals.

Mnacak is not just chokers; it's a symbol of creativity and self-expression. Allow us to become a part of your story. Allow yourself to be unique and unforgettable with Mnacak!

Our History

That's how it began

My name is Victoria Mnacakanyan, and I'd like to share my journey with you. The name "Mnacak" comes from my last name, meaning "eternal, unbreakable" in Armenian. I initially wanted to work in design but wasn't sure about the specifics. I started by creating a brand name and emblem. The emblem came together quickly, while naming it was a bit more challenging. I chose part of my last name as the ideal name. 

I then got inspired to make detachable collars after seeing one in a movie. I learned to sew, made sketches, experimented, and created the first collars using my grandmother's old sewing machine. 

With determination, I worked on my passion, realizing it might not be immediately profitable. Despite occasional doubts, I aimed for interesting and successful products. My goal is to create modern Ukrainian jewelry trends. 

I'm continuously expanding my range and searching for new ideas. While the results may be modest, it's just the beginning. With a clear goal and determination, I'll keep moving forward to create for you. To be continued...

Our History